Helping Your Business Get Ahead: The Top Apps on Salesforce AppExchange

Salesforce’s AppExchange has become a very successful and popular applications marketplace 聊天,. You can find close to a thousand different software products that can help increase productivity at work. The applications found in AppExchange vary, and can be useful for document processes, as well as many other tasks that will help those engaged in different fields of business.

Some applications in AppExchange are obviously better than others. Applications that prove to be useless in more areas will be more popular. Varying in functions 聊天室, the more popular applications may be used in many different businesses. Check out five of the best applications currently available through AppExchange.

DataSynch: QuickBooks Edition
Published by Pervasive Software, DataSynch is a service that helps get information synchronized between 識男仔QuickBooks and Salesforce. The product was designed to abolish time delays while at the same time removing errors that can be caused by redundant data entries and incomplete form information regarding products, customers, and services. DataSynch makes sure that information regarding products, orders, and customers are synchronized automatically, making document workflow a lot easier.

Sales Activity Dashboard
This dashboard comes free of charge, and is published by The Sales Activity Dashboard gives managers and owners the ability to compare sales types. The application also makes analysis of sales rep activity rates possible, increasing the speed of document processes.

Jigsaw is an online directory application with its individual subscription services as low as $25 a month. This online directory contains business contacts as well as company information, created, maintained, and accessed by a worldwide community base which has over 300,000 members to date. Access to the Jigsaw directory means access to important business information which can be useful for business decisions regarding sales, recruiting, and marketing.

Salesforce for Google AdWords
Salesforce for Google AdWords is another application created in-house by This application is popular among online marketers, as it gives them the power to track Google advertising campaigns. Having access to Salesforce for Google AdWords lets online marketers understand how effective each advertising campaign is. The application also lets them track website lead generation activities.

SalesGenius’s SalesGenius application for Salesforce lets its users find prospects by sending “Genius” emails which can actually be tracked without any programming or IT influence. The SalesGenius application also sends alerts to its users regarding website visit prospects, as well as links to other pertinent information, boosting document workflows. SalesGenius starts at $49 per user.

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