NLP and CBT Are Effective Therapies For Treating Panic Attacks

Both NLP ( Neuro Linguistic Programming ) and CBT ( Cognitive Behaviour Therapy ) are effective techniques for treating people who are suffering from panic attacks. At my practice in Hertfordshire I have treated many clients for panic attacks. Panic attacks can be more serious then people imagine. Some severe cases can cause the person to experience physical pain to such an extent they feel they are having a heart attack. Also in some severe cases people go on to develop Agoraphobia which can affect their daily life. I use both NLP and CBT techniques at my practice in Hertfordshire to treat clients suffering from panic disorder. I use both techniques as it really depends on the client. Some clients respond better to NLP and others respond better to CBT.

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Cognitive Behaviour Therapy works by looking at the relationship between what people think, do and feel. It is based upon the principle that what you are thinking will affect what you feel and what you do, and what you are doing will have an effect on what you are thinking. Within CBT Herts, people learn to change the way they are thinking and feeling. Part of the CBT therapy I offer in Hertfordshire involves helping clients overcome their fear of panic attacks by going through whatever gives them a panic attack, for example a train ride or being in a lift. CBT, Herts, encourages you to challenge your fears, however, this does not mean forcing the person to go into that situation. This will come at a later date and really will depend on the individual. It is about working with the client and asking them questions so that they can devise their own programme to overcome panic attacks CBT Web Scraper.

Neuro Linguistic Programming Herts is different from CBT as it looks at the language people use in their own mind. NLP Herts is about finding out what’s going on in a person’s head to allow panic attacks and then teaching them new ways of conquering panic attacks. An NLP Practitioner will ask clients to describe what happens before a panic attack comes on. This would involve asking a client if they see, feel, hear anything just before the attack takes over. The practitioner can put the client in a deep state of relaxation by using hypnotic techniques to try to combat the fear. At my practice in Hertfordshire I find it helpful to teach clients ways of calming their mind by teaching them relaxation techniques such as breathing techniques.

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