Tummy Flattening Exercises – Can a Flat Tummy Skyrocket Your Self Esteem?

If you are like most of us, you may be spending hours in the gym each day trying your gut out to burn off belly fat with various tummy flattening exercises and get that perfect abs. The six pack abs that would make your peers feel jealous and crave for themselves. But how many of us are really successful in achieving this dream abs?

Most people do not even come closer to getting their dream abs and they become frustrated and give up the goal altogether. A flat stomach is a ticket to increased self esteem. The few lucky folks who manage to achieve their task of getting a flat tummy will tell you how good they feel about their achievement and how they exhume a positive outlook; which you and I don’t have.

The main reason for most of us failing is nothing but ignorance; ignorance of the correct exercises or diet that need to be followed in order to be successful in our endeavor.

Cardio and Aerobic exercises are being promoted worldwide as an effective exercise regime to reduce belly fat and to get rid of overall body fat. But did you know that a recent Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic Reviews Harvard study had proven otherwise.

After studying over 7,000 people Harvard university scientists found that the key to losing belly fat and even preventing heart disease is intensity – NOT long-duration exercise. Jumping around for 45 minutes to an hour will not burn fat as believed earlier. This study further states that long-distance runners have a higher risk of sudden cardiac death than other athletes. They have proved beyond doubt that the key to losing excess belly fat is; high intense short duration exercises and not long duration low intense cardio and aerobics.

Long duration, low intense exercise burns fat during your workouts. But, this process sends a signal to your body that you need a reserve of fat available at all times. So the next time you exercise you will have enough fat to burn. This self defeating cycle ensures that your body makes more fat every time you finish exercising. Can you see how detrimental this pattern is to your weight loss goal?

High intensity, short duration exercises lasts only 10 to 12 minutes. And they will never last more than 20 minutes. By this you body never has a chance to burn fat during exercise, instead your body burns carbs from muscle tissues. This is called the “After Burn Effect.” When you finish your exercise session, your body starts to burn fat to replace the carbs it just burned. Your body continues to burn fat for up to 24 hours after you finish the session. After some time your body stops making fat all together. Triggering the afterburner is the key to losing excess tummy fat and getting a flat tummy.

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