Civic Education and the Waec Run

The Waec Runs Exam is one of three examinations given by the West African countries, Equateur (Ecu) and West African Intermediate (WAE). It is an eight-hour examination that is divided in four sections: the theoretical section, practical activities, cultural information and finally the post-graduate review. The candidates are required to study at least six months before the exam. There are some characteristics that every student must possess in order to succeed on this exam waec runs .

The first characteristic is a clear knowledge of the subject. Every student has to know what waec runs covers in order to pass the exam easily. It does not matter if a candidate takes the exam in December or March, the knowledge should be there. If one cannot attend to the theoretical part of the course, they have to rely on other resources. For example, they can read books on the subject. They can also take a few tutorials online.

The second characteristic is the ability to write simple yet clear answers to the questions. This is important as the judges are looking for the ability of the candidate to analyze and answer questions effectively without rushing to write their own answers. This ability is also important if one wants to score good marks on the entire exam.

The third characteristic is the ability to read questions and do an adequate response. Students who fail on this part often have trouble on the rest of the exam. A lot of time is spent on answering questions related to grammar and structure. In the West African Expo run 21, it is very important to tackle all the main arguments presented in the test so as to get a good mark.

The fourth characteristic is the ability to read and write without thinking. Before starting on the written section, students should familiarize themselves with the functional and grammatical aspects of the language. They should be able to formulate correct sentences with both singular and plurals. If they have problems with the functional aspect of the language, then they may not be able to understand the meaning of the civic education questions on which they rely so heavily. If a candidate fails on this section, they will definitely score lower marks.

Waec runs are usually held a week before exam day. Students can start studying for the exams on Tuesday by going through the previous year’s textbook. They should also set aside time on Friday for practice tests. They should therefore read over the questions that they will face on the actual exam in order to familiarize themselves with the right and wrong answers. It is important to focus on solving problems rather than posing irrelevant questions to gain extra marks.

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