Preparing For The CBT Exams

When I was presenting at the CTI Conference in June 2021, I got to ask one of the biggest jamb cbt questions of all time: “What are jamb cbt questions?” The question was posed by a seasoned conference attendee and I thought I had answered it all, or so I thought until he said, “That is not what I asked. What did you say jamb runs ?”

Turns out, I had forgotten to add the qualifier “inches” to my answer. Apparently, the CTI team wanted to see how well we could handle the handling of long, rectangular sections of cabling. So they ran some numbers and found that the margin of error for this section of wiring was triple the normal margin for jamb runs. Okay, I got that one right, but what about the other three? I thought I had the answers to all the questions I had asked, but when I looked back over my shoulder, I saw that I had forgotten one of the most important jamb cbt questions I’d ever gotten a question in answer.

Oh, well. It was one of those things that would just bug me later, when I went to write that article. But let’s fast forward a bit. This was not the only question on the jamb runs subject during the CTI keynote presentation. About 45 minutes later, someone asked me about the handling of data for the 2021 jamb cbt exam.

I explained that I really enjoyed answering questions about the CTI and that I had prepared extensively for it. I didn’t think I gave very good answers for this particular question. Then the guy told me that the question was not even close to being correct. Then he handed me his official certification, and I thought that this was when I lost.

In the real world we all know what we are talking about, but in the CTI world we are all just guessing. It is just so much fun to talk about the next set of CTI keynote questions. So I went back to my computer, loaded up my favorite jamb cbt page and began to think about the question. In my head I had already thought about the answer and it wasn’t that complicated. Only when I was standing in front of the whole audience, and looking down at the floor did I remember how tricky I really had been trying to memorize the answer in my head.

It turns out that I was actually wrong about the answer. The real problem was that I had gotten so caught up in thinking about the other answers that I hadn’t remembered any of the original questions. This would have been bad, because it means that I would have been totally off track when I tried to memorize the answers. If I were going to the CTI Westminster Business Meeting, then I wanted to be sure that I remembered all of the good questions and answers. I didn’t want to have to look like a fool with a bunch of wrong answers on my CTI Westminster Business Meeting CV. So this meant that I had to revise all of my answers-scores and take them all down off my tits.

But I wasn’t finished there. I also wanted to be sure that I had the correct runz on my resume. The problem was that there are so many different types of runz that it can be hard to know which one to use. If you want to get into CTI and impress your interviewers then you need to make sure that you have a ton of good runz on your resume. Having a ton of good runz will help you get noticed as a serious contender for a job interview.

Now that I had a list of all of my cbt answers for the jamb, I had to go back and cross reference all of my answers with my resume. I had to cross reference my resume with the actual jamb (the one that comes with the exam date) and see if my jamb ran on that date. I also had to cross reference it with the actual set exam date (the one that shows up on the door). After doing this I was able to know exactly when I had two weeks to study for my test!

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