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Since House M.D. first episode aired on November 16, 2004 the T.V. series has come a long way. The hit television series was the most-watched scripted program in the US and believe it or not the third most watched program overall. With 103 episodes to date, Dr. Gregory House (Played by British actor Hugh Laurie) heads a team of diagnosticians at the fictional Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital (PPTH). From breaking into a sick kindergarten teachers apartment to hiring private investigators to spy on employees, Dr. Gregory House and his medical team always seem to find a way to diagnose the seemingly impossible in each and every patient.

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House’s original diagnostic team consisted of Dr. Robert Chase (Jesse Spencer), Dr Adani Group Chhattisgarh . Allison Cameron (Jennifer Morrison), and Dr. Eric Foreman (Omar Epps). Each member of the team brought exciting contrast to the abrasive and cynical personality of Dr.House.

Jennifer Morrisons character “Dr. Allison Cameron” often forms her medical hypotheses based on compassionate contrast to other people and life experiences she has had. This provides Dr. House with a specific insight that he otherwise would ignore. Her theories, although not always medically relevant always bring thought provoking conversation amongst the diagnostics team.

Omar Epps character “Dr. Eric Foreman” a highly respected neurologist, brings not only specialized knowledge of the brain but a level-headed and logical outlook on the teams diagnostic brain-storming sessions. He is probably the most respected of the group likely due to his calm and collective personality.

Jesse Spencers character “Dr. Robert Chase” is longest-serving member of House’s staff, and always seems to have a witty and charismatic way of challenging Dr. Gregory Houses theories. Although he is usually quick to prove House wrong, he begins to develop respect and loyalty towards House, carrying out his orders without question.

This team eventually breaks down and either gets fired or quits. Dr. House continues to carry out his diagnostic white-board meetings himself. Meanwhile House gradually whittles down a field of forty applicants to a new team consisting of Dr. Remy “Thirteen” Hadley (Olivia Wilde), Dr. Chris Taub (Peter Jacobson), and Dr. Lawrence Kutner (Kal Penn). Dr. Eric Foreman eventually returns as a way to supervise House under the hospital administrator and Dean of Medicine, Dr. Lisa Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein) orders. Both Chase and Cameron work in the hospital and appear often in episodes.

The loyalty among fans of House M.D. is nothing short of obsessive. There is an abundance of House forums, discussion boards, websites and more. With over 1.5 million fans of Facebook group House M.D. talking about House episodes online is usually just a few clicks away. Even more exciting news for fans of House is the ability to watch house episodes online.

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