Five Criteria for Selecting a Network Marketing Company

The first criteria when selecting a network marketing company is leadership. No matter how big the company is or how much the comp plan pays or how great the product line is the whole thing rides on leadership. John Maxwell has a saying that everything rises and falls on leadership. This could not be more true than in network marketing. Legal Steroids Europe

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Network Marketing has two types of leaders and both are important. The corporate leaders such as the owners and VP of sales are critical to the growth of the company and the sustainability of that growth. I have seen owners of company buy a million dollar bus and it took the cash flow to a point they had to pull back and could not sustain the growth. The other leaders in network marketing are the field leaders. The field leaders are the people you are more likely to work directly with and their success and even more importantly their ability to help others become successful will correlate to your business success.

If you feel comfortable with the leadership of the company that is one thing, but I challenge you to find leadership in the company and for the field leaders that will move you and you have full faith and belief in the ability of that leader to lead you to the success that you want and will deserve to achieve.

Item number 2 THE PRODUCT
What is the second item to look at for a network marketing company? It should be the product line…the product is very important from a perspective that no should ever get paid unless the product is sold, used or demoed. So when you look at the product line is there a need? Does the product work? Does the product have a good endorsement and have good testimonials? What science or factual data will back up the product or the service being sold?

Outside of the the most important is does the product get consumed in such a way that it will help to create true residual income. When you are selecting a network marketing company most people either already have a job they hate or need to create an income based on the fact that they can only work part-time. Consumable products or services that need to be ordered every month are one of the top ways to do that…so you need to be sure that the product will support the residual income and that is typically done by the product lasting one month or the service having a renewable charge. If you are not getting the residual income from the product then call it a job….because you might as well be selling cars…(there is nothing wrong with selling cars it is usually not why people get into network marketing though)

Another very important aspect is will you use the product or service. For network marketing to work you need to be consuming the product or service yourself. If you are not using it how can you ever tell someone they can make money by selling it when you don’t believe in it enough to use it yourself.

Finally the last thing to look at for the product is what are the stories that surround the product? Does the product or ingredients have a story you can tell that will support the making of the sale. Also testimonials are very important. People should have testimonials about how the product or service has helped them and the testimonial should move people to buy. You will want to develop your own testimonial about the product so another reason why you need to be using your product or service. In network marketing Facts tell and stories sell so the story is probably the biggest factor that will help you make sales.

Criteria Number 3 TIMING
In real estate it is location, location, location….when you are looking for a network marketing company and looking what the potential for generational wealth it is all about timing, timing, timing. Just as it is important of what neighborhood a traditional business is in the timing of the corporation or of a product line is critical to the speed that you can grow your business as well as the size of a business you can grow. There are three stages that a company can be in.

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