How to Gain Lean Muscle Mass With a Supplement That Has No Side Effects

Obese people who are desperate for weight loss try every method they can find to get it. One such method is Primobolan. Metabolism is increased in overweight people due to lack of adequate food. The drug is given in tablet form. It stimulates appetite and burns stored fats.

Primobolan, or methenolone, sold under various brand names, is an anabolic androgenic anesthetic steroid drug that is usually used in the therapy of chronic pituitary diseases, wherein protein synthesis is impaired. It is normally given by intramuscular injection into major muscle groups. It works by increasing the production of testosterone and methenolone. These steroids are effective in suppressing primobolan excessive secretion of cortisol, increasing metabolic rate, improving fluid balance and reducing protein synthesis.

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The major toxic effect of the drug is liver damage caused by the formation of acetylcholine receptor beta (AChRb) in liver cells. Liver failure is a common condition resulting from the abuse of primobolan side effects. Other associated problems are joint pain, severe hair loss, decreased sexual desire and dry skin. These problems reduce sexual libido and cause hair loss. Children and women who use the drug are more likely to suffer from early initiation of puberty and stunted growth.

The regular use of Primobolan reduces body weight and improves bone density. Its ability to enhance metabolism reduces fat cells and thereby prevents atrophy of muscles. Injection of steroid into large muscle groups delays onset of puberty and prolongs the process of puberty. Although the immediate side effects are swelling, itching and redness, these subside quickly once the drug is injected into the site. The chronic use of steroid hormones is associated with the risk of developing life threatening conditions such as gallstones, hypertension, and diabetes mellitus.

One of the best ways to purchase primobolan is by purchasing it under the name of “Siberian Primobolan”, ” domestically produced” or ” domestically made”. The easiest way to buy the drug is through online ordering. It comes in different dosage forms. The two basic forms are: powder and oral dosage. Each contains 0.3% of the steroid.

A regular use of primobolan can lead to considerable weight loss. It also enhances lean muscle mass. However, over usage of the drug results in formation of acetylcholine receptors in liver cells, which inhibits its effect in further weight loss. Excess use of primobolan may result in formation of gallstones in the bile duct, which can cause very serious health problems.

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