3 Best Ways to Start Blogging to Make Money

Blogging has been recognised as a brand new marketing tool, although it has been in the internet marketing market for quite some time; but lately only blogging has been recognised as one of the best and most powerful tools for internet marketers.

If you have been following closely to all the latest Internet marketing news and trends like I used to have, then definitely you have heard of blogging before.

Yes, you are right. Blogging is the ultimate marketing tool that almost all successful internet marketers should have in place postonmagazine.com . For those of you who are not quite sure what a BLOG is all about, here is the great definition:

A BLOG is typically articles and journals that are available on the Internet. The action or activity of updating a blog is called blogging and the one who owns a blog is called a blogger.

For the remaining of the paragraphs, I would like to concentrate on how you can make money from having your own Blog. I am going to give you three best ways that enable you to get the most out of your blog.

If you contribute to a blog on a regular basis or you run a blog of your own, set up an email system where your contributors are notified of the latest posts. This is best done through Aweber which is an excellent autoresponder system that also includes an eNewsletter system called Blog Broadcast. It’s easy to set up and lets subscribers know about all the latest blogs that were published on your site. Aweber uses your RSS feed to pull your latest blogs into the blog broadcast and you can schedule each eNewsletter to be sent out on specific days at the time you specify automatically.

Offering email notification is smart because when people opt in to be alerted to each new blog, you are also building a list. It also reminds them of your site and will encourage them to come visit. This list is up to date enough that they may not want to receive regular emails or newsletters – as you are posting all that information on the blog. It’s a very good way of building a list and saving a lot of time.

Blog Broadcast is a completely hands-off system. You or someone adds a blog on your site,View Post the RSS feed pulls that blog into Aweber blog broadcast, and everyone hears about it via email, you don’t have to do a thing after the initial setup.

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