Sizzling Hot Summer Sun & Money Making Fun

Did you notice the air is getting warmer, the trees are budding & your wallet is empty? Your Sizzling Hot Summer is just around the corner. You know you’ll have extra time on your hands and an empty wallet in your pocket. I bet you’re thinking that you’d like to make a few extra bucks this summer. But you’re too young for the jobs available to the 16 and older teens. And you’re bored and too old for the standard lemonade stand idea. What else can you do to make some real money?

Lets first start by getting your brain into money making idea mode, you will need to ask yourself: What do I really love doing? What am I great at? What skills do I have? Here are just a few brilliant ideas to get you started and I know you will come up with many more:

Doggy Daycare: Do you have experience caring for your own pampered pooch? I am sure you know people in your neighbourhood who work all day and leave their darling dog alone. You could offer a Doggie Daycare Service: walking, bathing, feeding, playing, cleaning the dog run, etc Bauschlussreinigung Braunlage. Doggie Daycares are super sizzling hot this summer and a great way to make a ton of cash and also have a fantastic time. You can expect to make from $30 – $50 per eight-hour day; hey that’s a nice chunk of change.

Certified Babysitter: Babysitters are constantly in very high demand and during the summer the demand skyrockets. You can expect to make anywhere from $4 to $10 per hour as a Certified Babysitter. Be sure to get specialized babysitter training through a Certified Course. Your local YWCA, Red Cross, local community league or even your school will have these certified courses available. You will really increase your hiring demand and wage if you become a Certified Babysitter.

Birthday Party Planner: Start a Birthday Party Prep Service. You send or hand deliver invites, set up decorations, be the lead during party games, supervise party guests, assist with serving food, etc. If you possess a special talent as a magician or clown, you could even earn extra money by providing the entertainment. You could make as much as $100 for a two-hour party.

Tutor Service: Do You Get Amazing Grades In School? Start your own Tutoring Service to help younger kids raise grades. A lot of kids need extra help with their math, science, and reading, Spanish & French. You could expect to make $10 to $15 per hour.

Do You Love The Great Outdoors? Consider jobs that take place outside: mow lawns, wash cars, weed gardens, etc. Or you could also grow your own vegetables, fruit, herbs, flowers, etc to sell at a Farmers Market. You could expect to make $10 to $20 per outdoor odd job and a lot more selling your homegrown produce at a Farmers Market.

Are Arts & Crafts Your Thing? Perhaps the funky things you love to make are items other people would really love to buy. Ideas could be hemp jewellery, stuffed animals, greeting cards, t-shirts, pet rocks, the list is endless, and a sizzling hot item for this summer is funky hip Tie Dye t-shirts. The amount of money you can earn varies greatly. Funky Tie Dye t-shirts can sell for as much as $30 each.

House Sitter: Are you reliable, trustworthy & mature? People would then certainly employ you to look after all kinds of chores for them while they are away from their homes. You could housesit while they’re away, taking in their mail, watering houseplants, inspecting the house, making sure the garbage gets out to the curb, checking on pets, mowing lawns, and so much more. The more chores you are responsible for the more money your make. You can expect to earn $20 to $50 per day as a house sitter.

That’s merely a very brief list of moneymaking job ideas. The secret to a sizzling hot money making summer, of course, is to get the word out regarding your services or products. Compose an attention -grabbing flyer one that will create a compelling initial impression with people who haven’t met you. Tack it up on bulletin boards at your local grocery store, restaurants & corner convenience stores. A sure fire way to impress potential clients is to hand deliver your flyers. Ring their doorbells, introduce yourself and hand them one of your sizzling hot flyers, how can someone not be impressed.

A great idea while you are out and about working would be to carry a cell phone with you to keep in touch with your parents. Always remember safety first before anything else. Enjoy a fun, safe, moneymaking sizzling summer.

Pet Grooming-Grooming can be a lucrative venture, especially if you are comfortable working with animals. Many breeds of dogs and cats can benefit greatly from a seasonal haircut as well as the occasional bath that many owners cannot fit into their busy schedule.

Catering/Food Prep-Catering can be as large or as diverse a business as you want, and can be done full or part time. Many catering services specialize in banquets, but smaller niches, like wedding cakes, can also be very profitable, requiring fewer people and logistical considerations. Likewise, some people make good money by cooking specialty food (like Cajun, Oriental, deep fried, or organic) in their kitchen and delivering to various repeat clients.

The food from this type of home-based operation often rivals the flavor of more expensive restaurants. Finding clients can be difficult, but companies that commonly order food for their employees (check out car dealerships on Saturdays) can be a good source of repeat business.

Personal Trainer-Many of us want to get in shape, but either don’t know how or cannot stay motivated. If you’re knowledgeable exercise and personal training, and can keep a person’s eye on the prize, you can make some serious money. A personal trainer’s program can be an aerobics class, weight training, yoga, helping neighborhood kids make the starting lineup, or any mixture of cross training that will help clients see results and keep coming back.

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