Vivo v21E Smartphone – Introduction

The Vivo V21E is a smart phone designed by the smartphone innovation firm, Samsung. It runs on the Gingerbread and Android operating systems and is a high-end smartphone that caters to business users. The phone features a sleek, metallic body, a large, 5.5-inch screen, a large dual-band stereo headphone jack, a built-in speaker and two miniature cameras. The Vivo uses a USB adapter for data transfer and data storage Vivo V21e . Users can synchronize their email, text, photos and voice mail on the go with the help of a mobile service provider.

The Vivo V21E has been equipped with a quad-core MSM Mosaic PowerVR processor, which is the latest model in the market. The chipset has been powered by a powerful, Adreno processor. To ensure smooth and seamless performance, the Vivo has provided a quad-core processor with a high-speed, power saving Adreno blower. To enhance clarity, the chipset has been equipped with a Sony Ericsson Camera ISP, which supports both still and video image capture. The ISP also enhances the battery capacity, so that the Vivo can be used for long hours without getting exhausted.

The camera on the Vivo v 21E is a true all-megapixel camera, which allows for clear and high quality pictures. With the advance in digital photography, picture quality has improved quite a lot. The front and back cameras have been equipped with image processing technology, which makes them capable of detecting even the slightest of details. This feature helps in reducing the digital noise, which is created by various digital elements. The dual HD camera on the vivo v 21E has an optical zoom feature, which helps in improving the quality of the photos taken.

In terms of camera set up, the vivo v 21E comes with an easy to use and convenient camera set up interface, which makes it a preferred choice for a number of users. The interface has been made easy by a complete suite of Android icons, which helps to access all the functions of the camera. The interface is fully customizable to meet the user’s preferences. A wallpaper also comes along with the device, which further helps in making the device easy to handle. The Camera app can be downloaded from the google play store, for free.

The connectivity of the vivo v 21E is supported by GSM modem, EDGE and CDMA networks. It also offers a USB cable, for connecting the smartphone to different storage devices. A dock connector is present for charging the smartphone using an AMoled charging mat, which helps in augmenting the battery life of the handset. A Finger print sensor is present, which helps to unlock the smartphone when the finger of the user is detected.

The performance of the vivo v 21E is good, with smooth and responsive gestures, which help it to perform well. It offers fast web surfing, and is capable of running the Google play app, which has millions of apps installed in it. It also offers a lot of storage capacity, with a high-speed memory to keep the user busy for hours. The battery of the handset has a long-lasting life and does not easily deteriorate. The cost of the handset is around forty pounds, which makes it highly affordable, especially for a gadget that has such a promising future as a smartphone.

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