What Does a Nurse Do in an Operating Room?

The role of the operating room nurse is extremely important. They are the captain of the ship or operating room in this case. I am going to explain their role as a day in the life of an operating room nurses. Hopefully this help you understand and may entice you to explore this as a career goal.

You arrive at work for your scheduled shift. Go in the locker room and change into provided scrub attire. The scrub attire is provided due to need to minimize outside contaminants from entering the operating room area  마곡노래방. You will note that the entrance to an operating room area is clearly marked with signs stating operating room attire required past this point. You will also cover your shoes with shoe covers, and your hair with a surgical bonnet, also provided. Now you are ready to proceed into the operating room area and check out your assignment for the day.

Your assignment is usually posted on a schedule, white board, or more recently the schedule can observed on a large monitor like a plasma TV. You will find your OR room assignment, the cases set to be completed in that room for the day, the patient ID, surgeon performing, and surgery to be performed. It may also contain your partner, a surgical tech or perhaps another nurse. Also of importance, the anesthesia provider.

Next you need to go to your assigned room and check to see if your case cart is there. This cart contains all the supplies and instruments required for the surgery and usually contains the preference card. The preference card is paperwork that lists all supplies, instruments, equipment, hints for setting up the room, and any surgeon specific preferences. This card also alerts you to what is to be opened for the surgery and what you should have available should the need arise for its use.

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