Getting A New Kitten – Things To Consider Before You Bring It Home

Thinking of getting a new kitten? When you get a pet, the responsibility towards it is no less than that of caring for a child. If you are considering getting a new kitten there are things to consider before you bring it home. Some cats can live as long as 20 years so it is not a decision to take lightly F5 savannah kittens for adoption. Besides being able to commit to taking care of the cat for its lifetime, there are a few other important decisions that you will need to make.

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Allergies are an issue for many people. An allergy to cats can be brutal when there’s a cat in the home. Nothing can break the heart of a child quicker than introducing a new pet then, finding out that it cannot stay. Make sure that family members have had at least some exposure to a cat prior to bringing one home.

Many cats live to be around 20 years old. That’s a long time to be obligated to a pet. For most of these years, the cat will be mature and be a welcome member of the family.Kittens are babies too! Introducing a kitten into a home with a small toddler can be an appealing idea. Keep in mind that babies learn from their play. While both a toddler and a kitten are still babies, they play very differently.

Reasoning with a toddler is a challenge, but it is much easier than trying to reason with a kitten. You may find that you kitten will learn some unacceptable methods of play. Kittens naturally use their claws during play. Toddlers naturally bang and chew everything in sight.

This difference in their natural methods of play could be an issue since the toddler will unknowingly teach the kitten to play roughly. If you choose to introduce a kitten into your home with a toddler, be prepared for a kitten that plays by scratching and biting.Kittens grow quickly. That cute baby that caught your eye will soon be tearing through your home, climbing the curtains and clawing at the furniture. This will leave you looking for alternate ways for them to “play”. Consider some options early and save yourself some frustration.

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