What Social media Platform Should you be Using For your Business?

You can’t assume that every social media platform is just as good as the others. Choosing a social media Social Media Platform platform is not as easy “one size fits all” decision. You have to evaluate which kind of business you have and what social media platform will fit. If you have a restaurant or some kind of entertainment or maybe even a retail establishment, you’ll want to consider using Facebook for your business. Why? Because your business depends upon the engagement or relationship that you

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make with your customers. You want your customers to feel like they know you and will want to come to visit you. You became their friend. That is what Facebook will do for you. After all I have seen on Facebook a request went out asking for you is the best embroidery shop in town to do some embroidery work on a bunch of coats. If embroidery is your business you want to be the top of mind suggestion to the Facebook inquiry.

Another question you will want to ask yourself is this. Are you doing business to customer (B2C) or are you doing business to business (B2B)? If you are doing business to business you may want to be on LinkedIn instead of Facebook. Many business leaders reside on LinkedIn and they are your contacts. How are you going to reach them? Still making a

relationship is important but it isn’t to be LIKED, but more to be seen as the EXPERT. On LinkedIn you will be posting articles about the expertise that you have in your business. LinkedIn is also a very valuable tool for networking into the businesses that you wish to do business for. The demographics for Facebook needs to be considered for your niche. Often times you’ll find more women than men. Does the demographics that you need for your niche fit the demographics that is available (look at checkfacebook. com) to you in Facebook? Or is the demographics of LinkedIn more your target audience, those who do business with you?

Let’s say you are a mental health organization. You are not charity or non-profit service, but you do services for the public for profit. When you look at your demographics of your clients, you see that you have a majority of women in their upper forties and fifties, who are middle to upper income, and they are local. Mental health is a very emotional topic. Where are women in their thirties, forties or fifties going to come to find answers for their problems? Chances are they will look for

answers on Facebook. Facebook provides lots of opportunity for expression from women about their daily lives. If they are in need of emotional support or mental support, they will talk about it on Facebook, not on LinkedIn. However LinkedIn may also be a very good choice because the demographics on LinkedIn supports those who have higher incomes, are very professional and thus may be able to afford getting emotional or mental support from your organization. Maybe both social media platforms can be considered a good choice for you. What will make the difference is how you approach each platform in your marketing. This is why we say one size doesn’t fit all. You will have to customize each social media platform for the audience it brings you.

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