The Dangers of Gun Ownership

 The Dangers of Gun Ownership

Millions of Americans pride themselves on gun ownership. They are outspoken advocates of the 2nd amendment and appreciate the safe feeling that their guns provide. But .38 special ammo  while a gun may give a sense of safety in event of an attacker on the street or a robber entering the home, gun ownership poses many dangers in itself.

A gun is more likely to be used on a friend or family member than an actual adversary in the night. Many people sleep with guns close to their beds so they have easy access in case they hear something outside of their bedrooms. The problem with this is that the offending noise is often a family member or friend that lost their keys or is simply dropping by at a late hour. In these cases, a very scared individual may shoot before he or she has properly identified who is in the house. Often times, horrifically, the person the individual was so afraid of was a loved one.

Children are also a serious compounding factor in the gun debate. It is surprising just what kids can get into. They can crawl into nooks and crannies and up ladders to reach things that parents are trying desperately to hide. These things may include their guns. Children can not conceive of the dangers of a gun and can end up killing siblings or friends with what they think is no more than a toy.

Gun Safety

If you choose to buy a gun, you must adhere by a number of rules in order to keep your family and yourself safe from any type of accident involving the firearm. Some of the rules include:

o Never point a gun in a direction where a person may be near. Even if the gun is on safety.

o Do not ever touch the trigger until you are completely ready to shoot. Even gently touching the trigger can end in accidental bloodshed if you are bumped or spooked.

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