5 Attributes of the Successful Massage Hypnotherapist

In every professional field there are practitioners that have all the success they desire and those that struggle just to settle the debts.

As a professional massage hypnotherapist for 6 years (now retired) I have experienced both of these facts but at the height of my career I had a flourishing and successful massage business that brought in earnings well into 6 figures annually.

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Over the years I’ve had the benefit of working with many different experienced counselors and I have observed both in the individual and in myself, what ‘attributes’ set the really successful massage experienced counselors apart from those that we’re struggling.

In 출장마사지 my opinion here are the core 5.

1) Passion

Successful massage experienced counselors love their work. In fact they couldn’t imagine doing anything else that could possibly stimulate them and give them as much personal satisfaction and fulfillment as being a massage hypnotherapist. This genuine ‘passion’ is easily felt by their clients and keeps them coming back for more of these ‘wonderful energy’.

2) Positivity

Successful massage experienced counselors attempt to maintain a confident attitude. They offer themselves the confidence they need by ‘choosing’ to think in themselves and their abilities. By focusing their desires, thoughts and actions on achieving specific goals they become more and more empowered. They are then able to more effectively encourage their clients.

3) Entrepreneurial Spirit.

Successful massage experienced counselors see their themselves as managing a ‘business’. They realize that they are both a ‘provider’ of massage and a ‘marketer’ of massage at the same time and that their success comes from doing both things well. They research and develop effective systems to both market, manage and grow their massage business and they are continually on the look out for creative ways to ‘leverage’ their time to increase their income beyond just performing massage.

4) Giving

Successful massage experienced counselors are ‘givers’ plain and simple. They see themselves as offering an important ‘service’ to their clients and they enjoy providing it to them. They have an actual desire to really improve their consumer’s wellness and pride themselves on giving 110% in every treatment.

5) Walk Their Talk

Successful massage experienced counselors follow their own advice. By this I am talking about they themselves receive regular massage and are conscientious about living well and also achieving their dreams. They genuinely ‘walk their talk’ and this integrity makes what they say to their clients and the treatments they offer to their clients much more powerful.

Ultimately wherever you are today in your career, it has been your thoughts and actions (i. e. your decisions) that have brought you to your location today.

If you have not yet created your ideal massage business, then you may find great benefit in further developing and practicing the above 5 attributes.

One thing that’s for sure is that if you continue to think and act just as, then you will continue to experience similar results.

If you want a different result, then we need to take a different approach. It is certainly that simple.

Wishing which you happy, successful and fulfilling massage business!

Jamie Thomas is a retired massage hypnotherapist who had an extremely successful career. He now teaches other massage experienced counselors how to construct flourishing and successful practices for themselves. If you want to complete further massage courses and training, then see Tania Hodder at massage gold shoreline, she is a superb teacher and a very experienced and successful massage hypnotherapist herself.

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